HCC announces affiliation with Travel Insured International

In a press release dated 10/30/09, HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC announced its new alliance with Travel Insured International. HCC Medical Insurance Services LLC is a leader in online health insurance products for international travelers and expatriates. Travel Insured International is a provider of travel insurance services such as trip cancellation, trip interruption and travel assistance services.

HCC Medical Insurance Services President Mark Carney is quoted saying “We are very excited to announce our affiliation with Travel Insured International. In spite of the economic downturn, the international traveler and expatriate’s need for health insurance products continue to grow”.
Travel Insured International’s product portfolio will now include eight additional health insurance products that are already also available online at Freedom Benefits:

Atlas Travel Series – a short-term health policy for individuals traveling outside their home country

CitizenSecure(SM) – annually renewable major medical insurance with a term-life insurance option for individuals and families

StudentSecure(SM) – health coverage for international students and scholars studying abroad

IC+ International Term Life – term life insurance policy for individuals living outside the U.S. for up to 10 years

Other products offered by HCC Medical Insurance Services include: Atlas Group, Atlas Professional, CitizenSecureSM Economy, GroupSecureSM.

About Travel Insured International

Travel Insured International, based in East Hartford, CT, was founded in 1993 by the foresight of insurance industry executive Peter Gehris when he acquired the travel protection division of the Travelers Insurance Company. Travel Insured International delivers strong, affordable benefits in the customer’s choice of a broad range of travel plans, as well as group and customized protection programs. Travel Insured International has established and driven higher standards for policy quality and customer care.

About HCC Medical Insurance Services

The international products are administered by Indianapolis-based HCC Medical Insurance Services, LLC (HCCMIS), a recognized leader in international life and health insurance offering coverage to consumers in more than 130 countries. Through its staff and a worldwide network of distributors, HCCMIS provides quality and value to clients. The company is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to serve its clients worldwide. HCCMIS is a subsidiary of HCC Insurance Holdings, Inc. (NYSE: HCC), a leading international specialty insurance group headquartered in Houston, Texas. HCC has assets of $8.9 billion, shareholders’ equity of $2.8 billion and is rated AA (Very Strong) by Standard & Poor’s and AA (Very Strong) by Fitch Ratings. In addition, HCC’s major domestic insurance companies are rated A+ (Superior) by A.M. Best Company.

How to Get a Great Deal on a Used Car

They are looking for a superior low-cost and well-maintained car in Utah? Lucky for you, it is very easy to find used cars in Utah. You can use different types of models for high performance and good conditions at affordable prices. A quality used car dealers will assure you the best deal and beat the prices of all other places.

You can get cheap cars at a very affordable price to almost anywhere in Utah. Sometimes, if you're Lucky, you can even a luxury car brand at a very reasonable price than the actual market value. When buying a used car, make a large investment that is well worth the money you spend. This is due to have used cars are less expensive and lose value much more slowly than new cars. Also, if you can make good on the car, you even able to sell it for more than you bought it for.

You can travel hundreds and thousands of dollarsto lower prices at second hand used cars. Used car prices are typically half the price of a new car. As a rule, Utah, used car prices vary depending on their condition and mileage. A car that is only one years old, which is in good condition, can save you lots of money to buy a new car. In addition, add your savings with lower tax and lower insurance premiums for a used car.

The Utah car market with a large number of packagedgood second-hand cars from each make and model and price range. It gives you the freedom to a used car that you buy with your hard-earned money can choose. Even in this broad spectrum of the collection, many opportunities for you.

Buying Life Insurance

Buying Life Insurance: What Kind and How Much?

Finding the middle ground between being "insurance poor" and unprotected requires assessing real needs and choosing products that are affordable. This article introduces different types of insurance products and the role that they can play in a personal financial plan.

Buying Life Insurance

Conventional wisdom says that life insurance is sold, not purchased. In other words, some people are reluctant to discuss the importance of owning life insurance, and others are simply unaware of the need to have life insurance. Although many large companies provide life insurance as part of their benefits package, this coverage may be insufficient.

Who needs life insurance? If there are individuals who depend on you for financial support, or if you work at home providing your family with such services as child care, cooking, and cleaning, you need life insurance. Older couples also may need life insurance to protect a surviving spouse against the possibility of the couple's retirement savings being depleted by unexpected medical expenses. And individuals with substantial assets may need life insurance to help reduce the effects of estate taxes or to transfer wealth to future generations.

Auto Insurance - Cutting Through the Confusion

In each of the United States, you need auto insurance to drive a car. But if you think you go to any sort of unbiased help from an insurance company will receive as you educate yourself, how to choose which insurance is right for you try, keep dreaming.

To an insurance, you can create a statistic. Their bean counters to figure out what someone like you "go" to free them, and then they will send you a tax rate to as a "pool" or on the basis another. That's fine, but it also means they are in business to make money, not help you the security that fits your needs best. Here is a little help.

A car insurance policy usually has several different parts to different types of insurance. You need to have for the way you (the minimum requirement in your country) and the extra that you want.

Most states require some kind of not less than bodily injury> Insurance. This insurance covers the costs associated with claims of someone you hurt in an accident, whether or not to take the other drivers or pedestrians, you, or people are connected in the car.

They are likely to either have or very much want to sit on a certain liability insurance or another. This insurance covers damage to property, if you are at fault in an accident. Most states will require you to cover as little as $ 10,000 to $ 15,000 of propertyDamage, but that's really not enough. If you slam into a new Porsche, you will be more insurance. The first $ 30,000 to $ 50,000 worth, and want to cover is clever.

Collision insurance covers damage to your own vehicle if you cause an accident. If you, your car older than five years could not, you will need. You will probably need to repair against the cost of maintaining your premium weight. When you finance a new car, you will probably be necessary to purchase a minimum level ofCollision coverage.

Fully comprehensive insurance covers damage to your car for anything other than an accident with another vehicle. It could be fire, vandalism, into a deer on the highway, etc. If your car is not worth that much, you probably do not need. They should be for new car, and if you borrow money for the car, you will probably have to get it.

Uninsured (or underinsured) is an insurance coverage for drivers, if youinsured or was underinsured motorist causes an accident with you. Your insurance will pay for the damage to your vehicle, but they may have no insurance, or. Be sure not enough in this case, you must pay the bill. This insurance protects you before, which unfortunately often a reality.

These are the main categories of auto insurance. You need to confirm what requires your current condition and determine whether youall these types of insurance for your car, on the basis of its age, value and probable repair costs. In many cases, you can dramatically reduce your premium if you raise your deductible to things like collision insurance, and then save enough money in a reserve fund to cover the deductible.

Now, armed and prepared to navigate the maze of auto insurance without fear.

Other Types of Life Insurance

Other Types of Life Insurance

Survivorship life insurance (also referred to as last-to-die or second-to-die) is a unique type of contract that insures the lives of two people. It pays a death benefit upon the death of the second insured. Therefore, it is typically less expensive than two individual policies. Survivorship life is often used for estate planning, where it may be possible to potentially leverage today's dollars -- via insurance premiums -- into a potentially significant death benefit that can be used to fund estate taxes, create wealth for future generations, or benefit a charity. These policies may be available if one insured is medically "uninsurable."

First-to-die life insurance insures the life of at least two people and pays a benefit upon the death of the first insured. This policy is useful for covering a mortgage or other large debt obligation where there is more than one debtor. In addition, it can be an ideal tool for funding a buy-sell agreement within a closely held business.

Health Insurance For Individuals

Health Insurance For Individuals - Options Of Paying It And The Best Way To Decide On One (insuransiv)

Why Co-Payment Is Necessary And Advantageous

In our working population, most people have health insurance for individuals' plan whereby the company mostly pays for a major part of their yearly premiums. Having said that, employee will still be demanded to make a co-payment every time they go to a health professional. This co-payment is just a small amount fork out by the workers towards the expenditure for getting the medical treatments. This sort of insurance program is actually quite common. Due to the fact of the co-payment, people today will not make unneeded trips to the health professionals for minor medical matters that they can realistically handle by themselves at home. Consequently, this also assists the insurer to lower down the premiums, specifically in this very cutthroat competitive market place in recent times.

Using Medicare For All Those Over 65

If an individual are over sixty-five years of age and encounter certain kind of disabilities, a person can look into the possibility of making use of a Medicare to help in saving significantly in the health related expenditures. One key pitfall that you have to realize is that Medicare doesn't cover up the expenditures borne for the prescriptions given. This cost also comprises of the fee of using a nursing home. In spite of this, do not lose hope. Right now there are still low cost prescription options offered in the market place which usually can help you greatly in getting down the price borne for settling the prescribed medicines.

Apply For HSA(Healthcare Savings Account) To Your Advantage

On the other hand, if you are one who sees the health practitioner very frequently because of some health-related disorders which you may possess, it is best for you to utilize a HSA account. That will help you to minimize your month-to-month healthcare costs significantly. How this works is that you could set aside a fixed sum of funds to be deducted from your wage month to month and to be deposited into this account. This amount of money in the HSA could then be widely used to cope with the expenses for just about all the medical bills incurred. This will essentially assist you to greatly reduce your healthcare charges as the money in the account is from your salary before tax.

Mentioned above are simply various plans that you have to be aware of before getting any health insurance for individuals. So, before you decide taking up any plans, perform your research first. For instance, you really have to make a decision whether you are ready to make a co-payment in your medical plan or prefer paying more expensive yearly or month-to-month premiums that will permit you not paying for the medication you receive.

Lastly, it does not matter what plan you settle on to take up, don't just go for one that cost you the cheapest. In reality, you have to decide on one that match your needs best in terms of the benefits, restrictions and coverage that you will get from the plan.

A closer look at Secure Short Term Medical Insurance

The brand name "Secure Short Term Medical" is one of the best-known and most highly regarded low cost health insurance plans in the U.S. The brand actually consists of four products that each target a specific group of consumers. The four products are: 1) Secure STM, 2) Secure Lite STM, 3) Secure 12x3 STM and 4) Secure Saver STM.

What makes this product lineup work so well? Probably not any one thing in particular but rather a combination of factors. We could make an analogy to an "all star lineup" in a sports team. First, the plan is administered by Health Plan Administrators, Inc., arguably one of the best service organizations in health care today. Second, The Standard Security Life Insurance Company of New York enjoys a strong reputation among insurance professionals and consumers.

Next is the length of coverage. This is the only insurance product that can adequately span a gap from just one month to 36 months of continuous coverage. With a growing number of consumers looking forward to post-reform insurance within a few years, the Secure 12x3 offers the flexible length of coverage they need del with the uncertainty of the health care reform timetable.

Eligibility for the four insurance plans is liberal so most applicants will qualify for coverage. In fact, in many cases this is one of the few options available to applicants who have been previously declined for health insurance with another company. The exceptions are listed in the "medical eligibility" section of the online product descriptions. It is important to realize that all short term medical insurance plans exclude coverage for pre-existing medical conditions. This is what makes them so affordable and easy to access.

Only one of the four products screens for weight or previous declines in determining eligibility. That is the Secure Saver, as we might expect, since it it the lowest cost plan with the least predictable out-of-pocket expenses.

Finally, we cannot ignore price. Despite all the talk about the quality of insurance the fact is that many consumers buy based primarily on price. The Secure Lite and Secure Saver rank among the least expensive major medical insurance choices in many parts of the country.

A comparison of the four Secure STM products is published at FreedomBenefits.net and a description of coverage and exclusions is available for each product. Although all of these policies come with a standard "10 day free look", generic sample policy certificates are also available online for all four products for those who want to take a closer look at these insurance options.

Celtic Insurance gains customers with low prices

Pricing of short term medical insurance tends to be more stable than managed care plans or other types of health insurance. As a result, pricing trends tend to develop more slowly and it may take longer for advisers and consumers to identify those companies with cost advantages. One such example is Celtic Insurance that has slowly and quietly winning over customers with its low rates and strong customer service. The coverage is priced and issued completely online at the company's secure enrollment site managed by ehealthinsurance.