Auto Insurance Myths Continue to deceive consumers

If consumers have a better understanding of the vehicle, which can have better coverage and save a lot of money, too. The auto insurance is not a problem that many people often think, and for this reason, many insurance myths abound. For many people, car insurance is only considered when purchasing a new vehicle.

Here are several myths that people misunderstand regular car insurance:

Myth: Low reliefsare better, so you do not have to "pay" in the event of an accident.

Reality: It 'a lot more sense to carry the highest deductible you can afford, you can save all the money on their premiums. Many consumers are paying a little 'extra money in premiums for the benefit of having smaller franchises. Do not pay extra to have a low deductible is not a good value. Motor Insurance is not designed at all costs negligible, but is designed tocover that would put a big drain on the finances.

Myth: The color of a car determine the amount of the premium.

Reality: This myth has persisted for decades, the predominant voice is that red cars cost more to protect the other colors, because that particular color is "sporty". This is just one voice, the color of a car does not affect the amount of money you pay to fix it.

Myth: You do not need more coverage than the staterequired by law.

In fact: The minimum amount of liability coverage can not do if you cause an accident with a luxury car or cause serious bodily harm to another party in an accident. You should consider carrying more than the minimum of security for you in order to avoid a potential cause.

Myth: vehicles less expensive more expensive to ensure that the more expensive models.

In fact: The main factor is not the cost, this is - as it is likely that acar, will cost the insurance company money in the form of a payment? The price of the vehicle has little to do with the cost of covering it. Insurance premiums are determined by a number of factors, including how the vehicle will be the cost of repair and the risk of theft.

Myth: The government sets the rates, so there's no reason to look around for the best price.

In fact: The U.S. government has no influence on the wayprice is set. States have a say in how pricing works in a particular state, but the figures are indicative only. Consumers can save money by comparing companies at the best price, and buyers knew it.

Keep informed about car insurance, can not only protect the user, but can also save money. Worth the time to learn the difference between insurance myths and facts.

Ford workers consider short term medical insurance

Ford Motor Company announced that it will offer short term medical insurance as part of a buyout retirement offer for almost all of its 41,000 hourly workers. The offer is intended to reduce the firm's factory work force. The New York Times reports that in the past Ford kept laid-off workers in a job bank rather than remove them from the payroll. This year, however, Ford is actively reducing its work force in anticipation of lower demand for cars in the future.

The short term medical insurance plan is a six month basic health insurance policy but the details of the coverage are not provided. Ford has not announced how many workers are expected to elect the buyout offer.

Considering the larger regional trend of employers hiring temporary workers and the shift toward individual health insurance (as opposed to employer-sponsored group insurance), some of these workers in the Detroit area are likely to consider alternate affordable health insurance options for the long term before deciding whether to accept the buyout package. Those who do not qualify for lower cost options could face higher health insurance costs through their state's high risk Blue Cross insurance pool.